HELPS Lab services are tailored to fit your research needs.

Instruments: The way you ask a question is often as important as the question itself. The HELPS Lab can assist in customizing data collection instruments and protocols to better answer your research questions.

Surveys: The HELPS Lab can facilitate and conduct in-person, mail, web, and phone surveys. We employ a variety of software programs to distribute your surveys and clean the collected data. 

Mail Surveys: The HELPS Lab can coordinate the printing, mailing, collection, and processing of mail-based surveys. Such services can include secure, high-quality data entry into a variety of software programs.

Web Surveys: The HELPS Lab can assist with formatting and programming a researcher’s survey in advanced web-based software to fit the researcher’s precise needs. We are experienced in sampling and distribution strategies, as well as cleaning the resulting data.

Phone Surveys: The HELPS Lab offers computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) technology via eight calling stations. Interviewers undergo general and project-specific training to ensure proficiency, accuracy, and ethical behavior. Supervisors monitor calls and data entry to ensure quality. 

Personal Surveys: The HELPS Lab offers computer-assisted personal interview (CAPI) technologies that allow researchers to utilize personal devices (such as cell phones and tablets) to conduct face-to face interviews and surveys in remote regions. This includes the ability to upload digital results of in-person surveys quickly and accurately into a secure database.

Interviews & Transcription: Our team is experienced and equipped to help you with your interview processes. We can help with protocol development and with conducting and transcribing interviews.

Focus Groups: We provide experienced professionals and research assistance to help you set up and moderate focus group sessions. The HELPS Lab also has dial response technology -- allowing you to gather real-time data and simultaneous audience response to live or recorded messages.

Computer-based Experiments: The HELPS Lab features eight computer stations that researchers and assistants can access for use in conducting a wide variety of computer-based experiments.

Mixed-mode and Mixed-methods Research: The HELPS Lab can facilitate data collection for research that involves mixed modes (e.g., a combined web and mail survey) and mixed methods (e.g., a study with both focus group and survey methods).

We also offer assistance with:

  • Sampling approaches and frames;
  • Participant recruitment;
  • Design and formatting of questions and surveys; and
  • Data entry, cleaning, and documentation.
  • Hiring project specific research staff.

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